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Webcasting and live video streaming


Hybrid events combine a "live" in-person event with a "virtual" online component, such as a tradeshow, hybrid conference, unconference, seminar, workshop, or other meeting. With the increasing popularity and cost- effectiveness of virtual events, hybrid events have emerged as an effective way of increasing participation in traditional events at a low cost. They also allow people who are unable to attend physically due to travel or time zone constraints, or who want to reduce the event's carbon footprint, to participate. Generally, the virtual component involves an online representation of the live event.

  • 1).live audio or video streaming of keynote speakers or workshops alongside their presentation material
  • 2).online presentations (ranging from live webcasts to sharing of content via online slide sharing websites)
  • 3).hybrid event webcast with synchronized slides alongside the live and archived webcast video presentation
  • 4).creation of a live commentary or transcript of proceedings
  • 5).online chat or discussion forum facilities, including audience polls or question submission
  • 6).live blogs
  • 7).event photographs and video
  • 8).integration of other social media tools
Necast provides all the customisation required for hybrid events as per your requirements.