"The Future of Corporate Events Is Hybrid Events: Here’s Why and How to Succeed.""

In the year 2020, the whole world was badly hit by the global pandemic called COVID-19. Businesses, schools, offices, etc., everything except the medical infrastructure, came to a standstill. Initially, in India, the lockdown was for a few days, but it got stretched to months, and when the lockdown got over, it didn’t get over completely. There were a lot of restrictions, which were still a hurdle for many organizations.

Hybrid events came as a miracle for every organisation when there was a restriction that only a few people could be together in one place that followed all the social distancing norms, and according to the rules, the arrangements for any event had to be made accordingly.

The hybrid event allowed the organisers to reach a larger audience online without regard to location or time constraints, but they still had to make some arrangements for those who came in person. The hybrid events lead to large data collections and a larger audience.

This practice raises a question in the minds of the spectators: are hybrids the future? And indeed, a hybrid event is future. As we thought that the world was back to normal, it got hit by the 2nd wave and many people lost their lives, which led the world to risk as well as fear of being in the crowd rising too. The pandemic didn’t stop here. Another variant, omicron, delta, and whatnot, came into the picture.

At first, the organisations started with virtual events, but gradually as things get settled down and people started meeting again, with social distancing, and with this, the opportunity to step into the era of hybrid events came to life and created a boom in the corporate world. And we got an answer to the question, why hybrid events are the future?

As hybrid events are growing, there are a few tips for every corporation to follow for a better free flow of the event. Tips are as follows:

  1. Organizing a hybrid event
  2. A brief introduction of the hybrid event to the organising team
  3. Understand your audience
  4. Hybrid Event Blueprint
  5. A brief and to-the-point hybrid event
  6. The event's theme and activities should be in sync.

  1. Organizing a hybrid event
  2. Organizing a hybrid event needs more involvement than a simple regular event. In a hybrid event, you need to be properly focused on the smooth in-person event workflow as well as hassle-free online video streaming. The division of budget for the event should be allocated wisely, with proper research.

  3. A brief introduction of the hybrid event to the organising team
  4. When you know that a hybrid event is future, your team should be well prepared for it. By this, we mean the proper training of the team and brief knowledge of the requirements of the hybrid event and what you want in return from the hybrid event. The team should be well equipped for the participants, and planning should be done according to the viewers' and their interests. The attendees must not get bored during the event. It can be a red flag for the organizers. Proper refreshments must be organized for the in-person attendees according to the length of the event.

  5. Understand your audience
  6. Once the team is prepared for the hybrid event, they should also research the targeted audience properly. What are their requirements? What do they want to see? What can keep the audience engaged? What is the demographic of the audience? All this information helps the organising team to plan and frame the event per the audience's needs and requirements, which can keep them more engaged with the event. Knowing what the audience wants to see and serving their wishes ultimately leads to a successful event.

  7. Hybrid Event Blueprint
  8. Before stepping onto the battlefield, you should sketch your event on paper, and a proper strategy should be prepared. Every event is different, and each event should be handled and planned differently. A properly designed and well-planned event always gives good results and a good number of prospective customers land in your way, which gives good financial returns and growth in business.

  9. A brief and to-the-point hybrid event
  10. Long hybrid events can be boring, and the audience might not stay in their seats till the end. The audience should feel engaged, and the event has to be interactive for both the speaker and the live stream. Hybrid events have their pros and cons. On the one hand, it gives you a large audience, but on the other hand, not a good number of the audience turns fruitful for you. The organiser must make sure that the event is to the point and engaging so that the audience can properly raise their questions and get addressed on the point. If the event is of long duration, there might be a window for the audience to skip or leave the audience if they feel it is a waste of time.

  11. The event's theme and activities should be in sync.
  12. For customer engagement in hybrid events, the organiser needs to line up brainstorming fun activities for the online audience as they are not getting the perks the in-person audience is getting. The perks of the online audience can be recorded videos of the event; discounts; and fun coupons for your service and product. As the in-person audience sometimes gets food during the event, you can share some online coupons for the food delivery app. The event topic and the in-between games of the event must link to each other, and some reward should be attached to it so the audience feels more engaged. A reward always works as a good magnet.

    At Netcast Service, our well-trained team devotes itself to fulfilling the client’s needs and requirements. Once we receive the thumbs-up confirmation from the client, we indulge ourselves in dividing duties and making strategies. Our one team works on the targeted audience and understands their requirements and plans the workflow accordingly.

    At Netcast Service, we believe the customer is king and our team tightens up their shoes to fulfil his demands and requirements. The team keeps in mind that the hybrid event is future of corporate events, and we know the level of involvement the planning and handling of the hybrid event requires. The in-person audience as well as the online audience must feel engaged and involved throughout the session.

    The technical team of Netcast Service makes sure no hurdle shows up on technical grounds and everything runs smoothly. They know that they play a major role when it comes to organising a hybrid event.

    Feel free to contact the Netcast Service team for a better understanding of the workflow, and we can plan a smooth free-flow hybrid event for your organization.